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Zane Adickes
Zane Adickes thumbnail
Zane Adickes You could get super naked and climb inside of a sunlit cocoon and snack on smores pop tarts for 45 minutes or you could listen to this. Same feeling. Favorite track: Bye/Gone.
Pål Ruben Hovind
Pål Ruben Hovind thumbnail
Pål Ruben Hovind Super enjoyable music that I can listen to anytime. Sounds like something I could have heard at a perfect moment, these songs just makes me happy. Reminds me of Stars/Broken Social Scene, or maybe The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Favorite track: Bye/Gone.
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson thumbnail
Noah Wilson Imagine yourself on the precipice of a monumental discovery. You have been seeking the answer to one of life's most important questions, and finally, after years of hard work, your efforts are about to be rewarded. This album sounds like the anticipation in your heart at that very moment. Easily the best album of 2015 so far. Favorite track: The Prisoner.
Estella Rosa
Estella Rosa thumbnail
Estella Rosa This album is the Prefab but also so SDIG and Feldman who are all amazingly talented Favorite track: Abandonware (Josh and Jer).
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released June 2, 2015

The ambitious new album by Ryan Newmyer/Jen Goma of A Sunny Day in Glasgow and Kurt Feldman of Ice Choir. Maybe it's a movie?



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Roman a Clef Brooklyn, New York

Roman a Clef is Ryan Newmyer and Jen Goma (of A Sunny Day in Glasgow) along with producer extraordinaire Kurt Feldman (Ice Choir). Fusing densely ambitious pop-craft with lush and inventive production, Roman a Clef is releasing their debut record “Abandonware” on Infinite Best (Mr. Twin Sister, Ava Luna) on June 2nd. ... more

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Track Name: Abandonware (Hannah and Zoe)
The raging clock
The velvet shocks
Felt, spring, and gear

Patiently, it gets its man
(have no fear)

Our gears turn
Some lives brightly burn
So far,
Never close

I can't walk away
From what I need the most

We all feel trapped
The same forces bind us
Some in iron and some in gold

If we want it all to end
It can’t be sold
Track Name: The Prisoner
Were you misty eyed
For the past?

We can never touch
The distance far too vast

That we never lived
Faraway, so close!

The lines get blurred, the colors run
Nothing is still, everything flows

But before we let it go
Give up that ancient prose
Seductive and so comfortable

Oh! Misled!

Present never felt
Future still un-dealt
Past not dead, not even past

Walk past the building
That I went to school
Do you remember the dread?

Well, I remember some gloom

Do you remember the girl?

Was there a girl?

Did you always feel like a fool?

Living with no expectations
Back before you had something to lose

Every time we touch the air
History is there
Dragging us back
Back down to the ground

Live as you want to be
Try to make new history
But tethered to our ghosts
Can't make it as we please

With the present overcast
Can we ever leave the past

Went to the park
That you had once known
Tire swings dance on rope
Naked branches groan

Looked so much warmer then
In those old polaroids

You were smiling
Holding some girl
You can't remember
A frozen shard of joy

Perhaps you'd like to let it go
But there's nothing else we know
Traces all lead back,
All back to ourselves

Moments that shine
Others lost to time
Can't touch the center now
The centers lies outside

The tattoo from years ago
The one you cover up with clothes
Can't remember what it meant
But you know just what it means

A teenage milquetoast
Making their mark
Before they depart
Track Name: PSBTV
She said theres just no hope for me
You're being too hard on yourself
None of us are as
They promised we would be

Can't count the ways she said
It was a mistake to study

With nothing to compare
How can you weigh the cost
Of being secure
Or letting yourself get lost

In your opinion, do you believe
Tautology tragic, or more simply, misconceived

Watching hours of TV
To tether yourself to the world

Different sets but the same broad strokes
Character actors telling the same jokes

The kind of books you always liked
Have just gone out of style

And the kind of music that you make
Has caught on… for a while
Tender and mild
Unusually, they told me

Sorry for you and me
But this truth
Can’t be bowed or bent
Our youth, like all currency
Was gladly misspent

With no urgency

You know it’s strong
Stronger than the human heart
Love and Decay
A finish to every start

You know it’s strong
Stronger than the human heart
We live in decay
But try not to fall apart
Track Name: Friends Today

I saw my friends today
Hadn’t seen them in a while

And we talked
About the books we bought
Couldn’t make each other smile

Nervous beats
Sitting upright in our seat

Oh the tangled web we weave
When we first practice to believe

It hurts to talk like this

About those you love the best
How could you ever pass their test

A schema for raw data
An axiom for the plan
How can you stand to listen to me?
When I use words I just don’t understand

It’s a shock
When your eyes can’t even lock
Are we looking at indifference

To the old ways
Never cared much about the days

Oh culture
What can one say
That hasn’t been thought
Won’t be able to repackage
From blog to book
And never bought

Don’t let em push you around
We’ll fight this on the ground

Desperate for clarity,
We have come to celebrate
The banal spoken simply
The hoary abused as simile

Know what I want to mean
Can you meet me in between?

Does that seem cruel?
Track Name: Bye/Gone
Whats the point of knowing it's all for show
When you've still got to play your part kid


All the boys
Are losing their hair

All the girls
Pretend they don't care

Shed all your worries
Take better care

Waiting to forget what they know

I just want to start again
Less composed - a better friend

This production can't last
And it shouldn't
And it didn't

Don't you ever abide


The past can provide for you

Don't you ever abide


I've seen it before
They’re buried like forceps

Last time I saw you,
You told me about a book you'd read

"Answered Prayers"
Written in the style we dread

Ruthless in it's use of fiction as a blind for the truth

Everyone's a slave to fact
And still we never seem to get it right

Our discourses
Using storied sources
So many feeble
So many people working in the abstract

In due reflection, the patterns were there
People gaze upon cycles
In awe and despair

Bend straight lines
Quotidian thoughts
About the Dark Age, the 60s, the 90s and the aughts

Pondering, intellectually wan
Like all devoted fans
We never notice
…when we're on the jumbotron

Pining for some age bygone

"O thoughts of men accurs'd!
Past and to come seem best; things present, worst"

Ah, these storied sentiments
Dare we ever rest?
When every meager folly
Is clear in all respects?

Something to Someone

With a word we come undone

Truth or Consequence
Some Mothers Son
Evocative, to some
Something to someone
Track Name: Lucky Toasts
Short shift and no luck
In this town we claim to like the best

Is that your sister?
God, how she's growing
I hope you've looked out
For all I couldn't

And those I wouldn't
How’s your mother?
Those I wanted
I couldn't bother

Save us last

For all your faults
I still love you best
Wash away some sin
And you clean up well

With a new girlfriend
And some serious debt
A night in your sublet
And I still feel well

The day I left
I would pay to forget
The River blasting
Out the stereo cassette

Short shift and no luck
In this town we claim to like the best

Burning with desire
God how it's frozen
The things that one want
Do they feel chosen?

Could there be someone here
In this room?
A hand on mine
Guiding the mouse
Tracing an electronic bloodline

A ghostly glow
I catch someone in the screen
I didn’t know I wanted them
So now I live in between

Save us last
For all your faults
I still love you best
Wash away some sin
I can hardly tell

All kids can get along
At the beach
But not for long

Let us lay it bare
The places
We have been

It’s not the time
But it’s growing near

The way towards
The weather
The news, the team, and the year

The night is saved by dark
The dark goes to the dawn
Forever breathes the light
Track Name: Roman Clay (27 BC)
I took a train today
To help you on your way
To a life of respectability
I have always respected your agility

Our friends have all grown up
No kids,
Some still kids at 27

Told me it hasn’t been the same
I agree completely

You used to live with all your friends
Now you make plans to spend time
With people you don’t want to see

Thats the cost of growing up
He said to you
But I don’t buy it
Have you thought this whole thing through?

You said:
“I want to knit you a letter
I want to write you a love sweater”

Cadence sure but undeserved

Everyone laughed
But you’ve been thinking ever since
About the virtue of the statement you have never been so sure

Your heart’s like an open book
Full of misdirection
And red herrings
A Roman a clef or two
Track Name: Abandonware (Josh and Jer)
These games we play
Are another way
To redefine the pleasure
Of sign and decay

Has that romantic streak marbled your heart?
Spend all your days picking up pieces
Of a life, that by all rights hasn’t fallen apart

Do you know what I mean?
What power gives my words meaning?

You told me, way back, that your friends were your family
Now that you are angry with them all the time
I guess they really are

Disappointed, or Relieved?
Such easy cruelty
I can’t believe you’d be so naive

Any bond can be poisoned,
If you’re to be believed

Despite what people say
Ours is no heroic act

Love and Decay
Yet we live against the day

Grow up and apart
Grow old and get smart
From the ghosts that share your name
Hone your art

Do you still live like you did?
Takeout five nights in a row
Laundry’s at the wash and fold
And good God, you’re looking old!

Over your shoulder
At a world getting older
What can we bring?
We still haven’t learned a thing!